Where to eat a traditional Italian pizza in Rome

Where to eat a traditional Italian pizza in Rome

Although the pizza was not created by the Italians, but by the Egyptians, the dish is known as a typical Italian food. It can be said that there they improved the taste and the dough of the pizza. Unlike us Brazilians, Italians do not usually overdo the fillings and value pasta a lot.
Depending on the restaurant you are in, the thickness of the dough can vary, as can the flavors, but the essence is the same. There, the pasta is opened by hand, so most of the time they don’t have a perfect circle shape. If you are planning to go to Rome and want to know where to taste delicious pizzas, you can rest assured! I chose some of the places that are known for selling wonderful pizzas, so write down the tips ?


Where to eat a traditional Italian pizza in Rome

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Emma gains more and more customers because of the quality of its products and the super pleasant environment. For those who want to dine at outdoor tables, Emma is the ideal pizzeria. They are extremely concerned with the origin of the products they use, so they make a point of showing customers, on the menu, where each of them comes from.
Most of the ingredients are produced by hand, that is, everything is very fresh and tasty. The variety of pastas and fillings is also huge and it is even difficult to choose. Ah, they have several vegetarian and vegan options, all well marked on the menu.

The daisy

Where to eat a traditional Italian pizza in Rome

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One of the things I like most about this place is that their pizza is not very conventional. We are used to the shape of a circle in the pasta, but there they make their pizzas in oval shapes! The chefs they also use a yeast that grows for 48 hours, leaving the dough a little thicker and thicker. One of the most interesting pizzas is the vegetarian, stuffed with eggplant, artichoke, zucchini and peppers.

Broke the bank

Where to eat a traditional Italian pizza in Rome

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The atmosphere of Sbanco is super informal and it is no wonder that this is one of the most popular pizzerias in Rome. Most people eat pizza accompanied by craft beer – a perfect match, right? The dough is very light and the most requested flavor is the classic marguerita. The buffalo mozzarella is one of the differentials of the Italian filling. Ah, the wood oven leaves an unmistakable flavor in the pizza and of course the result is delicious.


Where to eat a traditional Italian pizza in Rome

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This is one of the busiest pizzerias in Rome, so be prepared to face a few minutes in line! The pasta in this place is very crispy and they have flavors that suit all tastes, from the traditional marguerita to a broccoli pizza with sausage meat. Very unusual, right?
The atmosphere can be a little noisy, as many tourists and residents go to the restaurant. But for me this is not a big problem, especially when the food is well made and tasty.

Gatta Mangiona

Where to eat a traditional Italian pizza in Rome

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This is the type of restaurant little known by tourists, but super frequented by residents of the region. The pizzeria La Gatta Magiona, led by chef Giancarlo Casa, offers both the most traditional flavors and others that are more daring and different. In addition to pizzas, you can also order some pasta or a plate of meat.
One of the fillings that we are not used to seeing around here is the ortholan pizza. In this restaurant’s version she takes tomato sauce, fior di latte cheese, zucchini, aubergine, pepeporini and smoked provolone. It is an explosion of flavors and will please those who like these vegetables!

The Rioni

Where to eat a traditional Italian pizza in Rome

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Li Rioni is one of the busiest pizzerias in the neighborhood near the Colosseum, and that has only one explanation. The pizzas are delicious, with very thin and crunchy pasta. I recommend that you go to this pizzeria when you are not in a hurry, as the service may take a while due to the large number of customers. Even if you have this little problem, it’s really worth trying the pizza at this amazing place. One of the highlights is the very tasty tomato sauce with a great texture.

Farinè the Pizza

Where to eat a traditional Italian pizza in Rome

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Farinè is amazing and they make an incredible pasta. One of the most interesting things about this place is that they leave the dough resting for approximately 72 hours and that makes it even more crunchy.
Another cool thing is that they have three sizes of pizza, so if you just want a small one to try, they will! Currently, they have only 8 flavors, all equally delicious and classic. If you don’t want to eat the classic marguerita, pizza pastorale is a good option.

Pinsere Roma

Where to eat a traditional Italian pizza in Rome

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Pinsere is a very small and super cozy place, with several authentic pizzas. In addition to their smaller size than usual, they offer some vegetarian and even vegan options – with only vegetables in the filling.
Because they are smaller, the value is also lower. The cheapest, called bianca, costs just one euro! It is a great option to eat for lunch or for those who have little time in the city and have no one to share an entire pizza.

OvenField of Fiori

Where to eat a traditional Italian pizza in Rome

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Although Forno Campo de ‘Fiori is a bakery, they sell an excellent pizza and could not fail to put it on the list. The pizzas there are usually sold in rectangular pieces. Depending on your choice, such as pizza from Bianca, it even looks like a sandwich.
The good thing about this place is that, besides eating a delicious pizza, you can also try sweets and also get to know their variety of breads. It is the perfect program for a brunch or a more enhanced afternoon coffee, right?
I confess that I was even hungry after seeing so many pizzas! This dish is so tasty and versatile that you will hardly find anyone who doesn’t like it. Another place that also sells delicious pizza is Pizzarium, but I already told you about it in the post of best restaurants in Rome. If you haven’t seen it, just click here to read it ?

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