Where to find the best Fish and Chips in London

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When someone asks about a typical England dish, the first thing that comes to almost everyone’s head is the famous fish and chips! Indeed, there is nothing more popular in the country’s cuisine. This combination of fish fingers with fries it can literally be found in almost every corner of London. There are many good options around the English capital, but it doesn’t hurt to do a little research before venturing into England’s most traditional dish. To make it easier, check out five places that are well remembered as the best fish and chips in London!
With retro decor that includes a 50’s jukebox and other items from that era, Poppies has a huge reputation for being one of the best fish and chips in London. Of the fish, they have the options of cod (cod) or haddock, that can be fried or grilled. Their cod, however, is different from what we know here in Brazil and resembles any other common white fish. For those who don’t want to eat fish and chips on site, they have the option of takeaway, which comes in a cute packaging reminiscent of the newspapers of old.
poppies-fish-and-chips-bkarmstrong-ickfdPoppies-fish-and-chips-londonPoppies. (Sources: Bkarmstrong / Disclosure)
Poppies. 6-8 Hanbury Street. London. Tel: +44 20 7247 0892. poppiesfishandchips.co.uk.
The Golden Hind oozes tradition for simply being a restaurant that has already completed a century of history serving the most traditional dish in England. Precisely for this reason they master the kitchen so well when preparing their fish and chips! The restaurant is very small, with a family-style feel, and is in the Marylebone neighborhood.
the-golden-hind-fish-and-chips-ickfd-freedictionaryPhotography by Kang LThe Golden Hind. (Sources: Free Dictionary / London Eater)
The Golden Hind. 73 Marylebone Lane. London. Tel: +44 20 7486 3644.
Geales is a famous establishment among the places of Notting hill. Currently, it also has a unit at Chelsea. The restaurant’s decor is elegant, which leaves the place with a much more refined atmosphere than most of the others that serve fish and chips out there! Keeping the tradition with a touch of creativity, they managed to establish themselves as one of the best places in London to eat the most typical dish in the country.
geales-fish-chips-foodandwine-ickfdGeales-fish-and-chips-parasole-ickfdGeales. (Sources: Food and Wine / Parasole)
Geales. 2 Farmer Street. London. Tel: +44 20 7727 7528. www.geales.com
For those in the Oxford Street area, a good stop right next to it is the Golden Union Fish Bar. The decor of this restaurant also follows a very retro style with neon signs on the walls. With always fresh fish and more generous portions, he is successful in the area.
golden-union-fish-bar-viennadoesnthavetowait-ickfd-fish-and-chipsGolden-Union-fish-bar-london-trottemag-fish-and-chips-ickfdGolden Union Fish Bar. (Sources: Vienna Doesn’t Have to Wait / Trotter Mag)
Golden Union Fish Bar. 38 Poland Street. London. Tel: +44 20 7434 1933. www.goldenunion.co.uk.
With a privileged location in Convent Garden, the restaurant is almost always full during the day. It was founded in 1871 and claims to be the oldest fish and chips in London. While some historians continue to debate this, it cannot be denied that the place knows how to prepare the dish well. On hot days, it is good to sit at some tables that are outdoors.
Rock - & - Sole-Plaice-LondonRock - & - Sole-Plaice-London-fish-and-chips-trottermagRock & Sole Plaice. (Sources: Disclosure / Trotter Mag)
Rock & Sole Plaice. 47 Endell Street. London. Tel: +44 20 7836 3785. rockandsoleplaice.com.

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