Where to find the best New York cupcakes

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Where to find the best New York cupcakes
The cupcake became a fever a few years ago in various parts of the world. Everything started to gain strength, however, in New York. One of the main responsible for making decorated cookies become the sensation of the moment was the Magnolia Bakery (click here to read more about it). This very famous bakery is almost immediately associated with the sweet and was so successful that it ended up opening several units in other places of the United States and abroad.
Even with all this success, it is good to know that there are several other cupcake addresses in New York that are as good or even better than the classic bakery. Check out:
Two Little Red Hens
Two Little Red Hens has several great flavors. For those looking for chocolate cupcakes, however, this bakery is the ideal place! The most successful flavor is Brooklyn Blackout. You can’t stop tasting!
Two Little Red Hens. 1652 2nd Avenue. New York. Tel: +1 212 452 0476.
Website: www.twolittleredhens.com.
Where to find the best New York cupcakesSource: Reddit
Georgetown Cupcake
In addition to having some of the best cupcakes in New York, this bakery also bets on aesthetics. The cupcakes there are beautiful! The flavors are incredible and unique. Two major highlights are the red velvet with cream cheese it’s the Eggnog chocolate.
Georgetown Cupcake. 111 Mercer Street. New York. Tel: +1 212 431 4504.
Website: www.georgetowncupcake.com.
Where to find the best New York cupcakesSource: Guian Bolisay @ Flickr
Cupcakes are very successful, but Baked also makes other beautiful cakes and pies. Vanilla flavors are the forte of the place. Be sure to try the Sweet’n Salty cupcake!
Baked. 279 Church Street. New York. Tel: +1 212 775 0345.
Website: www.bakednyc.com.
Where to find the best New York cupcakesSource: Baked
Amy’s Bread
Amy’s Bread cupcakes are decorated in a beautiful way! It has flavors with lots of chocolate and others that combine vanilla and other ingredients. Among them, the Devil’s Food and Yellow Cake with Mocha Frosting.
Amy’s Bread. 672 9th Avenue. New York. Tel: +1 212 977 2670.
Website: www.amysbread.com.
Where to find the best New York cupcakesSource: Hungry Bird
Molly’s Cupcakes
This cupcake shop continues to maintain traditional flavors, but its big difference is that you can mix different toppings to create your ideal cupcake. Even so, the Red Velvet is still a favorite of the public!
Molly’s Cupcakes. 228 Bleecker Street. New York. Tel: +1 212 414 2253.
Website: www.mollyscupcakes.com.
Where to find the best New York cupcakesSource: Glenn Wood NYC
Buttercup Bake Shop
The Buttercup Bake Shop was created by one of the founders of the Magnolia Bakery. Jennifer Appel started Magnolia Bakery in West Village with some partners and, a few years later, decided to venture out on her own to create the Buttercup Bake Shop. In addition to the other delicacies served there, you can’t forget your wonderful cupcakes!
Baked by Melissa. 1585 Broadway. New York. Tel: +1 212 842 0220.
Website: www.bakedbymelissa.com.
Where to find the best New York cupcakesSource: Buttercup Bake Shop
Have you ever tasted any cupcakes from the bakeries I showed above? Comment here because I’m curious to know!
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