where to go and what to do in São Paulo
Where to go and what to do in sao paulo

where to go and what to do in São Paulo

Valentine’s Day is very close and there is nothing better than surprise on that date – in addition to the classic romantic dinners, you can enjoy getting out of the routine. The 12th is going to fall next Monday, but nothing prevents you from celebrating the occasion the previous weekend or the Corpus Christi holiday, is it not?
To help you come up with ideas that escape the obvious on this occasion, I have listed some good options for those who live in São Paulo ?

Different breakfast


Photo – Padoca do Peanut / @nocedanielle

Going for a nice breakfast is always an excellent option! If you, like me, love brunch, in São Paulo there are excellent places that win me over every day! My favorite breakfast is certainly Padoca do Maní – besides the options being very well served and delicious, the place has that wonderful cozy atmosphere <3

Photos – KOF / Monique Renne and Le Pain Quotidien / @patghiraldelli

In addition to it, the King of the Fork (KOF), in Pinheiros, and the Le Pain Quotidien bakery, which has several units throughout the city, also offer incredible options ?

Wonderful hotels


Photos – Unique, Fasano, Tangará Palace and Emiliano

If the couple already lives together, why not enjoy the date and stay in a different place? Here in São Paulo there are several wonderful hotels and, for those who want a different celebration, I’m sure it is worth spending the whole day in a nice place ?

Photos – Renaissence and Hilton

For those who really want to invest more money, Unique, Fasano, Tangara Palace and Emiliano are sensational. As the rates for these hotels are very expensive, some slightly cheaper options can be quite worthwhile: Renaissence and Hilton are great!

Sunset and outdoor walks


Photo – Both Both

Despite the cold weather that has taken over the city, there are many people who do not give up an outdoor walk. As a true lover of sunsets, there is nothing better than spending a little afternoon together for some nice place in São Paulo – especially if the weather is open. Going around 17h to Ibirapuera Park is a cheap and delicious ride ?

Photo – Na Cantareira

For those who are looking for a more romantic environment and want to amend the evening with a romantic dinner, a great option is to go to Serra da Cantareira. Despite being at a point further away from the city, watching the sunset from above, surrounded by the Atlantic Forest, is beautiful. There are dozens of very romantic restaurants to celebrate the date – delicious fondue options abound!
So, did you see how you can innovate in the celebration of Valentine’s Day?

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