Where to shop in Panama?

Where to shop in Panama?

Recently Paulo and I went to Panama and, in addition to visiting the city, we took the opportunity to see the shops and malls in the region. Buying things outside of Brazil can be very advantageous, so we have to take advantage of the opportunities. As we went there in January, we were lucky to find stores with various discounts. This is one of the best times to travel if your main purpose is shopping.
In addition to the days after the holiday season, the end of August is also a great time to go, as there is a change of clothing season. Oh, I don’t even need to mention Black Friday, right? Anyone who loves discounts should make the most of November! Anyway, Panama has many amazing shopping centers, with great prices and of course I will tell you the best ones ?

Multiplaza Pacific Mall

Where to shop in Panama?

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This is one of the best malls in Panama City, both for its stores and location. The Multiplaza Pacific Mall is located in the city center, close to most hotels. The stores are super varied and appeal to all tastes. For you to have an idea, there you can find everything from Forever 21 to Armani Exchange and Chanel.
The mall’s structure is beautiful, very modern and spacious. The food court is also great and full of interesting options, even has a little store that sells brigadeiro. In short, the place is super complete and ideal for those who have little time in the region. Look, if you have a long connection in Panama City, this is the best alternative.

Albrook Mall

Where to shop in Panama?

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Unlike the Multiplaza Center, Albrook Mall does not look as modern and is also not close to the most touristy part of Panama City. Perhaps for these reasons it is even cheaper, and has an incredible variety of stores. There are more than 400 establishments, including clothes, cosmetics, electronics and even a supermarket. Currently it has a newer part, which is quite different from the rest of the mall.
As it is one of the biggest malls in the city, the stores that interest you can be far from each other, making you have to walk around it a lot. Perhaps this is one of his negative points, especially if you are in a hurry or don’t have much patience for shopping: /


Where to shop in Panama?

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Another modern and very spacious shopping option. Metromall is close to Tocumen Airport, perfect for those who will only spend a few hours in the city. The selection of stores is great and the prices are good, even though the dollar has been a little more expensive lately.
Ah, the interesting thing about this mall is that they offer transportation from the airport. As it is very close, they do not charge anything. You just need to keep an eye on the times. From Monday to Saturday this service is open from 10 am to 5 pm and Sunday starts a little later, at 11 am. The shuttle leaves the mall and the airport every 30 minutes!


Where to shop in Panama?

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Multicentro is located in one of the most tourist areas in Panama, close to Avenida Balboa. It is a little older and simpler, especially compared to modern malls like Multiplaza, but that doesn’t make it bad.
One of the main attractions of this place is the Hard Rock Café, which is known worldwide and has stores around the world. Overall, there is a good range of stores. There aren’t that many brands, but the ones that are there are great and enough to spend a few hours entertained.

Soho City Center

Where to shop in Panama?

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As one of the newest and most luxurious shopping malls in Panama City, the Soho City Center is packed with renowned brands. Some of his stores are Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Prada and so on. Not for anyone, right? It is relatively small, but it also has a cinema, great stores and incredible infrastructure.

Colombo Free Zone

Where to shop in Panama?

Photo: Municipality of Colón

Now I’m going to talk about a place that seems unreal, I swear! Have you ever imagined an area full of shops and tax free? It exists and is in Panama. The place is a little further away from Panama City, in Colón, but it is a trip worth taking.
This region is outside the fiscal space of the government of Panama, so you will find cheaper products. The area is closed and you will need your passport to enter the site, so don’t forget it at all. The place is neither beautiful nor luxurious, but it is great for those who want to do a lot of shopping!
In addition to these shopping centers, you can also buy Panamanian handicrafts at the Centro Artesanal de Panamá Viejo. Do you know any other place with good prices over there?

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