Where to take amazing photos in Amsterdam

Where to take amazing photos in Amsterdam

Amsterdam houses and canals enchant everyone – from those who already know the city to those who dream of knowing it. I like this region so much that I thought for a long time about living there. It is that kind of place that, besides being wonderful, everything works well.
Finding good places in the city to use as a photo backdrop is quite an easy task. Each street has a special corner that can yield amazing photos. Despite this, it is always good to travel knowing some addresses to guarantee wonderful memories, right? To help you, I made this list with perfect stopping points for those who love photography ?


Where to take amazing photos in Amsterdam

Photo: @ankanegative

If you dream of seeing the famous view of Amsterdam’s houses reflected in the water of the canals, be sure to go to Damrak. The region also has numerous souvenir shops, but they tend to be more expensive than the rest of the city, as the concentration of tourists is much higher. As it is a super busy place, I recommend that you go to it in the morning. This way, you can take good pictures without many people around and enjoy the rest of the day to get to know other parts of the city.

Bloemenmarkt floating flower market

Where to take amazing photos in Amsterdam

Photo: @taramilktea

It is practically impossible for a place surrounded by different types of flowers and plants not to be beautiful! As the only floating flower market in the world, the Bloemenmarkt attracts thousands of tourists and locals every day. It has existed since 1860 and, in addition to florists, inside the market there are some very cool souvenir shops.
Flowers form a backdrop for romantic movies, you know? As a bonus you can take advantage to buy different flower and plant seeds. It is as if you are taking a little piece of Amsterdam to care for in Brazil.

Street art

Where to take amazing photos in Amsterdam

Photo: Alice Donovan Rouse

The city’s architecture is always among the most photographed scenarios by travelers who know Amsterdam. However, you also find many beautiful graffiti there and they are super photogenic. One of the most famous is at 64 Frans Hallstraat, in the De Pijip district. The white wall written “Wake me up when I’m Famous” is one of the most photographed spaces in the region.

Where to take amazing photos in Amsterdam

Photo: @traincha

Another point with a more youthful and artistic vibe is the NDSM Werf. The place was an old industrial dump and some structures were preserved, giving a more rustic atmosphere to the place. There, in addition to the items that were abandoned, there are several incredible graffiti. I also recommend that you take a break from the tour to eat at some local café or bar!


Where to take amazing photos in Amsterdam

Photo: @nikkilenstra

Like Damrak, Groenburgwal is one of the most sought after areas of the city for those looking for iconic settings. Those who love architecture will love the region, not only for the traditional houses but also for the Zuiderkerk Tower, one of the most striking points in the neighborhood.
Ah, you must know the “love lock bridge” in Paris, right? In Amsterdam they have a very similar one, called Magere Brug. If you want to record your relationship with someone on it, just take a lock of your own ?

Amsterdam Forest

Where to take amazing photos in Amsterdam

Photo: @clairebakkerr

If you love parks and green areas, you will love visiting Amsterdamse Bos. It is huge and full of different activities to do. It is a good option to take a different tour of the city and take pictures in such a natural and pleasant environment.
Two interesting things to do there, in addition to the photographs, are cycling or taking a canoe or kayak. The sunset seen from this park is also wonderful and is very worth watching on at least one of the days of your trip.


Where to take amazing photos in Amsterdam

Photo: @thejaimeissue

Jordaan is not a very specific tip, because it is an entire neighborhood. The whole region is super photogenic and a few minutes’ walk there yields wonderful photos. If you ask people who have traveled the city about Amsterdam, most people will agree that this is one of the best neighborhoods in the city.
I love walking around places without having a specific destination, because I always end up finding incredible spaces. I recommend that you do the same thing, since within this area there are several thrift stores, shops, restaurants and delicious cafes.
Want even more tips about the city? Here on the site already has a post about cafes and patisseries, museums and hotels over there. Ah, on our channel we already posted several vlogs from our experience for ?

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