Where to take beautiful photos in Los Angeles

Where to take beautiful photos in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is one of my favorite cities in the world and I would even live there. I love the atmosphere of the place, not to mention that practically every street seems to have come out of a movie scene. As you may have noticed, I always look for cute environments where I can take cool photos for the insta and here for the blog – not every place yields good photos for the look of the day, right? Haha ?
In addition to the light at the beginning and end of the day yielding great photos, it is also good to know some cool points that serve as great scenarios. I made this list with the coolest corners there, which are also some of the most photographed by tourists and residents of the city.


Where to take beautiful photos in Los Angeles

Photo: Mona e Saga

You certainly have seen someone’s photo on your Instagram on some graffiti wall in Los Angeles. The city is full of them and these murals end up becoming tourist spots. One of the most famous is the pink wall of the Paul Smith store. The pink wall is huge and is so busy that people even queue up to have it as a backdrop.

Where to take beautiful photos in Los Angeles

Photo: Lauren Lives

Other graffiti that are super known in the city are the angel wings, made by the artist Collet Miller. The numerous graffiti of wings, which are scattered throughout LA, are part of a global project by Collet, which has existed since 2012.
Her intention is to remind all of us that we are the angels of the earth, in an attempt to reinforce our belief in humanity. Collet Miller’s wing graphites are currently spread around the world and you can also find them in Mexico, Australia and Kenya, for example.
Adresses: 8221 Melrose Ave | 8401 West 3rd Street

Santa Monica Pier

Where to take beautiful photos in Los Angeles

Photo: @americanextopmodel via We Heart It

In addition to taking amazing photos there, you can also have fun at Pacific Park and enjoy the wonderful view from the pier. Walking around the Santa Monica Pier is one of the most common activities among tourists, but it really is one of those clichés worth visiting. In addition to going to the end of the pier, take a walk through the region. Everything there is cute!
For those interested in the park, the price of toys varies from 5 to 10 dollars and you pay according to your choice. If you want to go to more than one or two attractions, it is worth buying a day ticket. It gives you the right to go on 12 toys and you can use it whenever you prefer. Even if you don’t like the amusement park very much, I recommend that you take at least one ride on the ferris wheel. Her view is beautiful and it is also a great backdrop for photos ?
Address: 200 Santa Monica Pier A, Santa Monica

Venice beach

Where to take beautiful photos in Los Angeles

Photo: Photograph by Jonathan Kuhn

Venice Beach is one of the most incredible regions in Los Angeles. The area has a super delicious energy and is more frequented by young people. Beaches are always great places to take pictures, and Venice Beach is no exception. Enjoy being there and take some pictures in front of the sign written Venice. At night it stays on and it is also a great scenario, but in this case you would have to have a good camera so that the photo does not have a bad quality.

Where to take beautiful photos in Los Angeles

Photo: Teresa Perez Tours via Pinterest

Ah, I can’t talk about Venice without mentioning its famous channels. They were created by Abbott Kinney and built in 1905. Kinney’s intention was to reproduce the canals of Venice, Italy and the result is incredible. The landscape to this day is stunning, super wooded and pleasant to visit.
The streets in the area are very cool and have wonderful shops and cafes – my favorite is Abbot Kinney! It is a very pleasant tour that can be done in a whole day, especially if you decide to know the area well. A great way to end a day of walking is watching the sunset on the beach and, of course, taking even more photos in beautiful, natural light.
Adresses: 80 Windward Ave | Washington Blvd. & Dell Ave

Micheltorena Stairs

Where to take beautiful photos in Los Angeles

Photo: @llkcake

For those who enjoy street art, the colorful stairs with painted hearts is an incredible place for several photos with a more urban style. It is also called Silverlake Heart Stairs because of the hearts and is a point well known to people looking for alternative and different places to photograph.
Adresses: 3324 Sunset Boulevard

“Urban Light” at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art

Where to take beautiful photos in Los Angeles

Photo: @jeremiahcowan

The Los Angeles County Museum of Art is home to one of the most photographed places in the city, which is Chris Burden’s “Urban Light”. There are 202 old lampposts that decorate the place. They look even more beautiful at night, with the lights on in contrast to the color of the sky. The photos in this place are beautiful and you can still take the opportunity to visit the museum! Admission for adults costs $ 25 and it is open every day of the week, with the exception of Wednesdays.
Adresses: 5905 Wilshire Boulevard

Weller Court

Where to take beautiful photos in Los Angeles

Photo: Akiko Yamashita

Led lights have been increasingly used for decoration and the Weller Court mall has bet on a tunnel all lit with this type of light. Those who like more colorful and neon photos can not miss going to this space. It is inside the mall and has a futuristic footprint. The arrangement of the lights transforms the environment, mainly because they change color. As it is a trade center, you will have other things to see there besides the tunnel.
Address: 123 Astronaut ES Onizuka St | Little Tokyo

The vast

Where to take beautiful photos in Los Angeles

Photo: Hirshhorn

Like the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, The Broad is also a museum and its facilities are perfect for making fun photos in unusual settings. The facade of the building is already incredible, white and with a very different texture.
As it is a museum of contemporary art, you will find very interesting works, such as the Infinity Mirrored Room – The Souls of Millions of Light Years Away. To give you an idea of ​​how famous this place is, singer Adele has already made some recordings there! The grace of this room is the thousands of LED lights that are suspended and reflected by the mirror walls of the place.
Address: 221 S Grand Ave

Griffith Observatory

Where to take beautiful photos in Los Angeles

Photo: Cultural trip via Pinterest

Last but not least, one of the most touristic places in Los Angeles. The view from the Griffith Observatory is wonderful, especially during sunset. I am suspicious to speak, since I love natural landscapes, but this place deserves at least one visit. In addition to enjoying Los Angeles from a height, you can take amazing photos there, with much of the city in the background.
Address: 2800 E Observatory Rd
Los Angeles is very photogenic and these are just some of the coolest places for you to visit and photograph. There on the channel there are several vlogs from our trips and to check the full playlist just click here ?

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