Where to taste the best tapas in Barcelona

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Tapas from Suculent restaurantSource: devourbarcelonafoodtours.com/
Barcelona is unquestionably the most popular destination in Spain. The capital of Catalonia offers a perfect combination of culture and entertainment. At the same time that we have great museums and the incomparable Gaudí works around the city, we also have beaches and parties going on everywhere.
Between one stop and another, you will find a series of bars and restaurants serving the famous tapas. For those unfamiliar with this Spanish tradition, they are famous aperitifs served in these establishments while Spaniards drink and make small talk.
Legend has it that they were served in Middle Ages by the owners of the taverns so that customers do not get too drunk after spending hours ingesting wine. If in the beginning the tapas basically included cold foods, such as cheese and ham, nowadays they are quite diverse. In fact, they have already become practically a Spanish cultural expression linked to gastronomy.
Most tapas bars have very informal and even somewhat tumultuous environments, but they are some of the main meeting points in the country. To get into the mood of the destination, see where to taste the best tapas in Barcelona.
Ticket Bar
It is a contemporary tapas bar with a colorful atmosphere that recalls a market. It is signed by chefs and brothers Albert and Ferran Adrià. It has excellent appetizer options and is one of the most praised tapas bars in Barcelona.
Restaurant Entrance TicketsRestaurant infrastructure and waiters TicketsSources: barcelona.com/ – hautedvie.com
Bar Mut
The Mut Bar is small and usually quite crowded. The tapas options are seasonal, depending on the ingredients available on the date you go to the place. To find out what they have the best of the day, there’s nothing like asking the opinion of the waiters. An example of the tapas menu is the tuna belly marinated with pine nuts sauce.
Mut Bar EntranceBar Mut infrastructure
Sources: bcnfashionista.com – secretsofbarcelona.com
Mount Bar
The Mont Bar menu changes according to the time of year. Made with local ingredients and well prepared, the tapas range from the most traditional to some more creative options. The bar has tapas like ham croquette, with aioli cod dumplings, with squid ink, sardines and mango.
Mont Bar olive tapas
Mont Bar Infrastructure Sources: plateelector.com
Canete Bar
Another very popular place for tapas in Barcelona is Bar Cañete. It is not far from the Ramblas and offers very traditional appetizers with the best ingredients.
Spanish Tapas-Vogue- Canete-ickfd
Tapas- Barcelona Navigator-Bar Canete-ickfdSources: vogue.es/ – barcelonanavigator.com
Suculent’s specialties are really traditional Mediterranean and Spanish dishes, but the menu is quite varied. Located in the lively Rambla del Raval, the owner of the place is the chef Carles Abellán, which also has other well-known establishments in Barcelona, ​​such as Comerç 24 and Tapaç 24.
Suculent logo and entrance
Suculent restaurant infrastructureSources: boop.pt/- lipstickvoice.com

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