Which cellar to choose?
Which cellar to choose

Which cellar to choose?

Right after the publication of my post on “Maintenance and conditioning of wines” I received several messages asking me which cellar is the best … Brand, type, size … So we think it would be interesting to write a post only on cellars.

First, if you are going to buy a winery, think about your monthly / annual wine consumption. You do not need to buy a 200-bottle cellar if you have the habit of drinking wine once a month … You will occupy a very large place in your room unnecessarily. However, think that there are long-term wines and those that should be consumed in a few years, so if you are in the habit of buying wines to let them age, count on the spaces in these bottles as spaces occupied for a long time. But let me tell you, we enter this life of passion for wine and buy an 8-bottle cellar since “we don’t drink that much”. After a few months you realize that 2 out of 8 are no longer enough, so I advise you to buy one of 20 bottles. Go for me, own experience! It’s kind of like a women’s shoe cabinet, you know? We always think that we will need one more… lol

Well, once the size is defined, let’s go to the functional part: temperature. Give preference to those cellars that have an adjustment button and temperature display on the outside of the appliance, so you don’t have to open the door all the time to adjust! Remember that not all wines have the same temperature / evolution temperature as that of consumption (as in the case of whites), only reds, which should be served between 14 and 18 ° C, exactly the temperature you should keep your cellar… I leave mine at 15 ° C! If you have a lot of sparkling wines and whites, and prefer to leave your cellar closer to 6 ° C, give preference to having a specific cellar for these wines, and one for reds, or buy a compartmentalized one, which has different divisions, with independent temperatures.

Give preference to cellars that have filters, so that they remain inert, so that no external odor can affect your wines. If the cellar door is made of glass, find out if the glass is made of a special material, which protects the bottles from UV rays, otherwise, keep them in a place with low exposure to sunlight. Some wineries have an alarm system, which warns you if there is anything wrong, from an open door, to a power failure, if you get one of these, it is worth paying a little more!

Now the main point of choosing the ideal wine cellar: cooling system! There are basically two types of cooling system: the compressors, and the heat exchange ones. Preferably choose the compressors, because as our country is very hot, the heat exchange ones do not freeze properly, because generally they keep the temperature only 10 ° C below the external temperature, that is, in a place of 34 ° C, the wine it will be warm: 24 ° C !!! However, the compressor cellars have to be with low vibration (remember that I mentioned in the other post about acclimatization, which vibrations affect the quality of the wine?). Stay tuned to that detail!

Currently there are several very good cellar brands in Brazil, Dynasty, GE, LG, Liebherr W, Brastemp, Continental, Viking, but the one that I hear the most praise for, and I’ve had the opportunity to work, was Art Des Caves. This is a specialized company, with personalized service, custom-made wine cellars, with personalized decoration and style, and impeccable guarantee and maintenance! I know it looks like merchandising, but I swear I’m not making a dime from that article! I speak of her, because she really is the best ?

One more thing: always remember to keep the bottles with the labels facing upwards, not only to make it easier to choose your wine, but also to prevent the label from being damaged when pulling the bottle. I believe that now you will be very demanding when buying your wine cellars!


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