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Which essential oil diffuser to choose

Which essential oil diffuser to choose?

Finding the right essential oil diffuser isn’t easy. Because if you just look at the appearance that it gives off a pleasant smell in your home, you will not have trouble finding your happiness. However, diffusers have other virtues and bring us much more than that. Despite everything, many models are present and each of them has different qualities. This is why I invite you to discover through this article the universe of essential oil diffusers. And I hope you will have the opportunity to find the one that is right for you and your interior!

The benefits of aromatherapy

Before discussing the characteristics of diffusers, I would like to tell you more about aromatherapy. Because of course the main function of a diffuser is to take advantage of essential oils. And these have a very positive impact on our well-being and our health. In addition, it is the ideal way to create caring atmospheres in your home.

With an essential oil diffuser you will be able to benefit from the benefits of essential oils. And there are many actions you can take with it. In addition, it is better to use the essential oil diffuser than the candles, incense or spray that we use to welcome a flattering scent into our home.

Essential oils have a positive impact on our sleep, our mood and our respiratory system. In addition they can also relieve pain and prevent disease. Depending on your needs, all you have to do is choose the one you want to spread in your interior. If you would like to learn more about the effects of essential oils on our bodies, head over to my DIY article Lush Homemade Organic Bath Bomb. I dedicated a small part on the essential oils to use according to your needs and the desired atmospheres.

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The different types of broadcasts

Namely: there is different technologies. This is why depending on your needs and your interior, I will accompany you so that you can find the diffuser that will best meet your expectations.

Diffuser of essential oils by nebulization

These diffusers by nebulation are the most popular. Although its price remains quite high, it is still explained by its technology that propagates the essential oil within your interior. without altering its therapeutic benefits and aromas. Indeed, this diffuser does not require water and has a cold nebulization process which allows it to preserve the properties of the oils. Moreover it is ideal for large spaces.

To use it, you just need a few tastes to enjoy the effects of essential oils. You will only have to activate it for 5 to 10 minutes.

The only small point to underline, is that the latter still emits a little noise because of his system. It is the pump that propels the air that generates it. However, it becomes a bit annoying if you plan to use your diffuser while you sleep.

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Nebulization essential oil diffuser

nebulo diffusion by nebulization aromatherapy interior well-being - deco blog - clematc

Nebulo – Amazon

Diffuser of essential oils by ventilation

Diffusion by ventilation is also a very good technique to preserve and benefit from the properties of essential oils. Because just like nebulization, this technology uses cold. The price of these models remains all the same more accessible than nebulization diffusers.

In contrast, essential oil diffusers that use this technique are simply reserved to create a olfactory atmosphere. They are not recommended for aromatherapy. Due to its technology the essential oil is not released all at once, on the contrary it is broken down. This explains why you will not be able to perceive all the beneficial effects of the oils.

These diffusers come with a lozenge soaked in essential oils that last an average of 6 months. As a result, it is quite easy to change them depending on the mood and the desired benefits. Furthermore, noted that this type of model practically emits no sound, therefore be quiet.

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Aroflora 925 Ventilia

aromacare ventilation diffusion with capsules - deco blog - clematc


Diffuser of essential oils by gentle heat

If you are looking for a diffuser that fits into any interior, go for models that work with gentle heat. Indeed, they remain very discreet and exist in small size. However, they are recommended for small spaces, as the diffusion remains very localized. I would say this is the perfect diffuser to have in your office. Moreover, they don’t make a single noise.

However, this technique uses heat to spread the essential oil around the room. This inevitably impacts the properties of essential oil.

Calorya aromatherapy gentle heat diffusion - decor blog - clematc

Calorya N ° 3

Diffuser by soft warm cozy white aromatherapy - decor blog - clemaroundthecorner

Cozy white

Diffuser of essential oils by misting

This diffuser composed of a system ultrasonic is primarily intended for small spaces with an area not exceeding 40m² ideally. If you want to discover the world of essential oil diffusion step by step, I recommend this technology. Indeed, these diffusers are offered to affordable prices.

For use you will need introduce water and a few drops of essential oils. The diffuser will then spread a mist diffusing the benefits of essential oil in your room. The significant advantage of these models is that they do not no noise (sleep guaranteed in peace!).

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ultrasonic misting technology diffusion - deco blog - clemaroundthecorner

Salking – Amazon

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