Which mixer is the best?

Which mixer is the best?

Which mixer is the best?
You and I have a common desire. We don’t know each other, but we are sure that what is missing in our kitchen is a mixer. No, not any mixer. That. Large, heavy, beautifully enamelled and imposing. Or maybe you already have yours and I’m the one rambling here alone, but you will agree with me on one point: a planetary mixer is the best friend of someone who loves to cook!
In 1919 the first KitchenAid. Not only: it was the first mixer with support in the world, created by Herbert Johnston. In 1936, its design was refined by Egmont Arens, a famous designer and editor of major American magazines. It was so successful that the machine ended up in the MoMA, one of the best known museums in the world – that is, a KitchenAid is not just a mixer, it is considered a work of art.
We currently have two models on the market, Artisan and Professional. I got the technical information about each one of them on the official website, so you can take a look and see the difference, but I would like to say in advance that if you don’t have a confectionery / bakery or something, it’s not even worth buying the professional to cook at home. It is too big and the price is much higher than the traditional one (it is as if you bought a Ferrari to drive it only on your block).
275W power
All metal body
Dimensions without packaging:
Height 35.3cm
Width 21.9cm
Depth 35.7cm
Weight 9.34 kg
Planetary Movement, with 59 points of contact
* 10 speeds
* Includes splash protector and 3 beaters: hook, flat shovel and fouet.
* You can also purchase exclusive accessories for grinding, slicing, grinding, making ice cream and pasta.
* Design: metal body and gears
* Bowl with capacity for large and complex recipes: 4.83 liters
* All metal body, which facilitates cleaning and increases durability.

beater type shovel

Photo: Sally’s Baking Addiction

This glass bowl is beautiful, the same that Dani uses in the videos; D
Now, the professional:
STAND MIXER PROFESSIONAL – more power and capacity
Power 500W
All metal body
Height 49.3cm
Width 33.5cm
Depth 43.5cm
Weight 13 Kg
* Quiet: Quieter engine and gears;
* Metal body and gears with stainless steel accessories
* Lifting the bowl
* Bowl with a capacity of 6.9 liters;
* 3 beaters: hook, flat shovel and fouet

Okay, but how necessary is it to have a mixer like that?
About hand mixers: they are practical and very versatile, great for whipping whipped cream, egg whites and other light and quick things, without having to pick up the heavy mixer just for that.
Now, for other larger preparations, from a cake to a dough, for example, it is much more recommended that you use a planetary mixer. In Brazil, the brands that have stood out in this regard are Arno, Philco and Cadence, starting with the most modern design. The latter, for example, launched a line of colorful mixers that are very cute.
For those who want to invest in a mixer, do not cook professionally and prefer to spend less, these are options that will meet some demands. Prices vary from R $ 250 to R $ 400, so it depends on you to evaluate what will be more advantageous for you. There is one thing, too: if you are going to buy a planetarium, already choose one that comes with the stainless steel bowl, because it will be much more resistant and easier to clean; D
I read a review on Arno and KitchenAid on a blog. The person hit egg whites, I think, at minimum speed. Arno’s minimum speed was 4 of KitchenAid, to give you an idea… Oh well.
Okay. What if I want a bombastic import? Which one should I choose?
I think it’s important to talk a little about the two most popular and requested mixers on the market. Beauty, strength, capacity and practicality. What are the differences between a Kitchen Aid and a Kenwood?
I would love to do a test with both and the same recipe, but my only benchmark for evaluation is the Internet, for now. In this blog here, the writer and cook made bread with the two mixers and then commented on the pros and cons of each brand. She is in love with her cream colored Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer Artisan, but from what I read, she was surprised by Kenwood’s performance.
1 – She found Kenwood’s engine stronger and apparently more resistant. Another important thing, less noisy than Kitchen Aid.
2 – Kenwood accessories are easier to fit than Kitchen Aid.
3 – Kitchen Aid is easier to clean.
4 – Even with both machines at the same speed, Kenwood seemed to work faster and more to the mass.

Which mixer is the best?

Photo: The Kitchenthusiast

photos: Charlotte’s kitchen Diary
My experience with mixers is far from vast. I’m not a chef and I only cook at home, for the family. Even so, my dream is to have a Kitchen Aid arranged on a long and bright wooden countertop in my kitchen hehehe. Although I never had a chance to prepare a recipe on it, I know that my culinary experience will take a few steps up the confectionery stairs. Comparing to Kenwood …
Let’s start with the look: in my opinion, no other match the retro and impeccable design of American Kitchen Aid. Kenwood, British, is more discreet and simple. When I worked for a while in the kitchen of this hotel in South Africa (the experience was great, but this story is for a next post), we used a Major Titanium to make the sweets. Easy to carry (or at least a lot lighter than a Kitchen Aid) and to handle, it met all the demands of the bakery. Except when Andreas, the hotel baker, needed to prepare pounds and pounds of condensed milk cookies (the best I’ve ever eaten) or scones; D
From what you must have read by now, it is difficult to choose one, right? Even more now that the British is competing a lot in design – it’s almost a copy of Kitchen Aid. I confess that I found Kenwood’s vibrant colors beautiful (click here to access the site). Take a look:
Anyway, it will depend on your taste. Both have the accessories to chop, grind and make pasta, both are powerful and imposing. I’m sure that when you buy one, it will last a lifetime! Good cakes for you; D
cover photo: Decorpad

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