Which panel to use in your office?

Which panel to use in your office?

Organization and decoration are two things that go together and when we talk about offices… Looking at references for the production company and, of course, for my board I ended up finding great ideas.

Photo – Decoration Findings

As I will not be able to put all these references in our project, I decided to share a little bit of what I found coolest ?



Photo – Scandinavian love song

It’s been a while that I’ve been loving grills in the decor. The copper or matte models are my favorites, very minimalist. The panel does not weigh on the environment, on the contrary, it is a very delicate and timeless piece.



Photo – Curatorship and exhibition

In addition to the classic magnetic panels, another piece of metal caught my attention. The furadinhos models are excellent options for those who need versatility in decoration. On the panel it is even possible to hang some mini shelves; super practical, right?



Foto – Pinterest

Cork boards are excellent alternatives for those looking to create a more welcoming space with more natural elements. The brownish color of the material helps to make the environment more comfortable, don’t you think?
In addition, corks are extremely practical and you can easily find ready-made panels in decoration and construction stores ? I love the references with entire walls of the material, as it becomes almost a wallpaper.



Photo – Revista Estilo

Like cork, the blackboard can occupy an entire wall of your office. Today, the production company has a huge slate on the wall and, here at home, I also have a corner with the piece.
I love the versatility that blackboards allow, as well as being a very useful piece for leaving notes and reminders.



Photo – Lemon in water

Following the same line as the blackboard, the glasses are great allies of decoration. For those who have a creative work, like ours, it is very worthwhile to have a corner to place / expose your ideas.
As I said in the reference video for the producer, we really want these glasses in the office, because they are very practical and clean.



Photo – Casa Claudia

It’s no use, I always need to find a way to talk about wood. I love pallets and, despite leaving the environment with a more polluted face, I found this reference the greatest charm.
For those who work in more rustic environments and love having a cozy space, I think the pallet panels are great options. One idea to make the piece more discreet is to paint it the same color as the wall ?

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