Which wine harmonizes with Apple Strudel

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In my Parisian wanderings through supermarkets full of delicious and juicy fruits, I decided to fill my bag with green apples that were beautiful! Instinctively, my patriotic feeling aroused: I decided to honor my Austrian origins through a beautiful and delicious Strudel (click here to see the complete recipe)!
And we already know that dessert is never complete without its perfect match. And now? What would be the Bacchus nectar elected?
I like to stick to the hot origin rule. Think about the cradle of the dish and you can already start a good clue to choose your wine!
Strudel, Austria. But Germany has such a similar culture and is so close, right? And why don’t we go a little further down towards northern Italy? If none of this is enough, do not think that Brazil is unable to live up to our claims… Now let’s go to the analysis.
The austrian wines, although excellent and quietly available on the market here, they are difficult to access in Brazil. With that in mind, I chose a German-style little brother as the first option: the Anselmann Riesling Spätlese Trocken, a late harvest wine (as the name Spätlese says) produced from the white grape variety par excellence – Riesling.
harmonization-wine-strudel-andrea-postiga-ickfdlopaLo-pa.com Image
The grapes used to make this wine are collected after a few days have passed since harvest time, just so that the sugar and acidity levels focus even more on the grape during the process in which it becomes almost a raisin. Its aromas and flavors of apricot and peach, with notes of roasted apples form a perfect combination with the Apple strudel. In fact, the high level of acidity in this wine prevents it from being too sweet, offering a perfect balance with the dessert, which is also not very sweet.
harmonization-wine-strudel-andra-postiga-derweisnob-ickfdDer-weinsnob.com image
For lovers of bubbles I can’t help but point out the delicate Asti Italian sparkling wine.
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With the elegant and characteristic scent of white and lemon flowers, the Aralica Asti Spumante, a classic from Piedmont, has its traces of honey and green fruits highlighted by the strudel flavor. Acidity in the right measure that here too is very balanced with the characteristics of the apple in the dessert.
For Brazil’s patriots, my tribute is made with great pride through the Casa Perini Moscatel, also produced by the Asti method.
harmonization-wine-strudel-andrea-postiga-casa-perini-ickfdSource: Casa Perini
Excellent expression of this much appreciated grape variety, with intense floral and fruity notes and a delicate touch of honey and apricot. It forms a beautiful pair with our dessert, as it presents light sweetness balanced by the good levels of acidity reached.
What’s up? After so much information, do you already know what will be the accompaniment of your strudel? When you choose, tell me here that I’d love to know which one you liked the most!
A kiss and à toute!
Average prices:
Anselmann Riesling Spätlese, 2012 – R $ 132.00
Sparkling Araldica Asti Spumante – R $ 102.00
Casa Perini Moscatel Sparkling Wine – R $ 38.00

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