Which wine harmonizes with coconut custard

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After a few months gone from the site, here I am again (I missed writing already)! Starting today, the posts in this column will be more focused on harmonizing with ICKFD desserts and, to start, the recipe chosen was Manjar de Coco.
To accompany this creamy sweet, the tip is to opt for a sparkling muscat for two reasons: the delicacy is a very delicate dessert and delicate recipes, in general, fit perfectly with sparkling wines. Second, because the food recipe contains milk, and everything with fat is really cool with this type of drink.
But, as I always say, in the midst of a doubt, nothing better than to seek the opinion of a professional. I spoke with dear Josi Pieri and she confirmed my idea: according to her, the muscat sparkling wine has creaminess, good foam mattress in the mouth, freshness and sweetness compatible.
Oh, and this tip also applies to a condensed milk pudding! But it is worth remembering that although sparkling wine goes well with sweets and fat, we will hardly be able to harmonize them with chocolate, which is rich in tannins and has a very striking flavor for the lightness of sparkling wines. For chocolate, give preference to port wines (you can read more about these wines in this post!).
So here are two indications to make that Sunday meal with a different face:
Sparkling Moscatel Casa Valduga. Casa Valduga, Valley of the vineyards, Brazil.
Delicate and elegant palate, referring to floral touches and tropical fruits.
Average price: R $ 41.
Sparkling Araldica Asti. Aradilca, Piedmont, Italy.
Very elegant, smooth and creamy on the palate. Aroma of white flowers, honey and lemon.
Average price: R $ 86.
Did you like the suggestions? As soon as you taste the combination, tell me what you think!
Cover photo: Stefanos Cata

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