White Dough Cake: 5 Recipes to Try Now!
White dough cake 5 recipes to try now

White Dough Cake: 5 Recipes to Try Now!

Preparing delicious cakes is like building stages of flavor. After all, we have to worry about the dough, the fillings and, of course, the roof. And when we talk about white pastry cake, many people end up associating the recipe with the most basic sweets. Some even find it boring!
The truth, however, is that the simplest pasta can be delicious. In addition, it is a neutral base for bolder fillings with more pungent flavors. Therefore, we will leave here a list with five versions of white cake recipes for you to test at home. Each has its peculiarity, so take a good look at the list of ingredients to understand the differences ?


For a very simple dough with a light flavor, bet on this simple cake. The secret of this recipe is to beat all the ingredients in the mixer, adding more air to the dough and making the cake lighter.
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There are those who prefer very unctuous pasta, more structured and ideal for taller cakes and heavy fillings. If that is your case, it is worth preparing this super buttery cake. Here, we combine the recipe with delicious nest milk filling.
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How about using an ingredient that we love so much to increase the cake dough? Here, condensed milk comes in to sweeten our delight, which also includes grated coconut.
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Generally the white dough cake has a more yellowish color, but this version here is really white! Achieving this effect is simple: just don’t use gems in the recipe. Check here step by step to find the right proportions of the ingredients.
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white pastry cake


Vanilla is one of the most classic ingredients when people think of simple, white cakes. Therefore, we could not leave this option off the list. This recipe doesn’t even need an electric mixer, so it’s really easy to make.
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Another extra idea for those who want to be a little more daring. The dough of this cake is also super buttery, but the difference is in the confectionery and caramel that go inside it.
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I hope you liked the ideas! Take advantage of the filling suggestion for each of these pastas and test the full version ?

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