White Tea – The Guide

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I’ve already told you a little bit about the main differences between the six types of tea and now let’s talk about each of them. To start, I chose white tea. Do you know why he got that name?
White tea is called that because of the whitish “fluff” that surrounds the buds of the tea leaves. This type of tea is usually made only with the buds, or with buds and one or two young leaves. Therefore, the white color of the shoots stands out.
Harvesting is done extremely carefully. Buds and leaves must be removed thoroughly, so as not to be damaged. This because white tea should have as little oxidation as possible. If I harvest the shoots tightly and squeeze the leaves, the cells in the leaflet will be disrupted and come into contact with oxygen. In this way, the oxidation process (unwanted) will begin.
After harvesting, the shoots and leaves go through a process called “withering”, Or natural drying (free translation). In this step, the leaves are spread side by side on a bamboo (or synthetic) tray and left to rest to lose a certain percentage of water. Natural drying can be done in direct sunlight or in closed rooms with ideal temperature, humidity and air circulation for the process to develop.
cha-white-the-guide-flower-cha-white-ickfdSource: Pixabay
White tea has virtually no processing. For this reason, this type of tea has a very subtle flavor and aroma. It is a light tea, which can contain a certain natural sumptuousness. White tea usually has floral notes, sweet and vanilla.
It is perfect for drinking a cup sitting in the hammock, listening to the noise of the rain outside. THE aroma of tea merges with the rain that falls and evaporates.
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