Willi Herren So he lost a whopping 40 kilos!

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He has achieved what many dream of: Willi Herren shed several pounds with determination and discipline …

What a change! Willi Herren (40) is suddenly a completely new person. At least externally! Because the actor has achieved what many people dream of. He lost a total of 40 kilos: from 126.5, it went down for him to 86 kilos. And all without an operating theater or personal trainer. His secret? A strong will and a lot of discipline.

He now eats differently and moves more

“I have completely changed my diet,” he tells the “Kölner Express”. “I avoid a lot of carbohydrates. For example, if I have an appetite for tuna pizza, I mix eggs with tuna and make a batter out of it.” It even sounds pretty tasty ! Even if he probably missed bread, pasta and Co. sometimes.

And what is the most effective way of bridging cravings? Sure, with movement. “I work out in the gym for three hours almost every day. There are hardly any exceptions … “Really exemplary – and very healthy!

His mother went to buy!

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