Window Rest

Window Rest

I love staying in houses and hotels with big windows, natural light is always the best option for me. Whether on the balcony of an apartment, in a beach house, in the countryside or in the city, it is possible to use this delightful space to set up a super cozy corner.

window-seat-seat-on-the-window-decorating-danielle-noce-0 Photo – @lucdesign

A piece of furniture under the window is wonderful for reading, meditating and even taking that Sunday nap… The window seat, as it is known, is perfect for those who have a medium or large window and do not know how to optimize the space.
Placing a mat or mat on top of a low cabinet is a cheap and easy solution. Whoever wants to put a very small bed can also – the important thing is to create a comfortable corner that completes your decor!

window-seat-seat-on-the-window-decoration-danielle-noce-1 Photos – Decor 8,, Trendenser, Planete Deco, Residence Style, Perfect Order, Easy Decor and Apartment Therapy

Did you like the references? I’m already crazy to create my space of peace at home ?

To complete the decoration


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  2. CostaRica Mattresses | R $ 101.00
  3. Americanas | R $ 327.21
  4. Americanas | R $ 74.99
  5. Doudou | R $ 77.00 each

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