Wine and Barbecue: why not?

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I spent the last carnival at home with the family! Perfect carnival for me. I don’t like revelry, parades and crowds! And as in every Brazilian house, the holiday was based on barbecue and beer. However, there it was, the beautiful bottle of merlot that I had brought for Christmas, but whose place was taken by the delicious sparkling wines. I didn’t hesitate to open it, thinking that only me, my husband, my cousin (the family sommelier) and his girlfriend were going to taste it. Big mistake! When I saw it, the whole family, even my grandparents, were delighting in harmonizing that drink with the meat. Everyone was surprised at how well the wine, the “cool people” drink, had come with the Brazilian party. This accurate harmonization is not something by chance… Generally, during the barbecue we have a very wide variety of meats, which have a lot of fat, such as sausage, picanha, maminha, flank steak, ancho, etc., and the astringent capacity of “lava” wine. our mouth, making the meat tastier with every bite!
Some experts indicate that the best type of wine to accompany a barbecue would be one with less body, to please a heterogeneous group of friends, as is the case with barbecue meetings, but in my opinion, because of this large amount of fat and palates , if we serve with a very light wine such as wines with little oak, or a very delicate white, it will disappear, the meats will “overwhelm” the wine’s flavor, so it is best to opt for the fuller ones, those that present a lot wood, fruit and marked tannins. In addition, the tannin of the wine will contrast very well with the coarse salt used to season the meat, bringing an explosion of flavors!
A good option to serve a more “generalized” wine, which will please more people and harmonize well with meats, would be Shiraz or Primitivo (typical grape from Italy, which has very striking leather and wood aromas). However, if you are going to serve lamb cuts, for example, which are usually seasoned with mint, and have a stronger flavor, but less fat, I would recommend a Bordeaux, and pork meats are well accompanied by Portuguese wines (even even whites), mainly from the Douro region.
For me, the best wines for a barbecue are: Uruguayan Tannat, Chilean Merlot or Camernère, or even a Cabernet Sauvignon, and of course, Argentine Malbec! But if you want something specific for each meat you serve, here are the best pairings:

  • For breastfeeding and diaper: Merlot;
  • For picanha, ancho steak, ribeye and ribs: Malbec and Tannat;
  • For game and rib meats: Shiraz; For wild boar in particular Pinotage;
  • For termite and sausage: Brut sparkling wines;
  • For chicken: Sauvignon blanc;
  • For pork: Chardonnay barricaded;
  • For fish in general: Gewürztraminer.

As for the specific names of the wines, I don’t really like to suggest “this or that”, because wine is like perfume, I can like one and you hate it, so I suggest you go to a specialized emporium and ask the house sommelier something with the characteristics indicated above, and he will surely recommend you the best!
I think you could see that there are plenty of options for you to take a chance on a next barbecue with friends, huh? !!!

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