Wine Spectator’s Top 100

Wine Spectator's Top 100

Every year, at the end of the year, the North American magazine specializing in wines Wine Spectator launches its top 100. The entire list is available in pdf for anyone who wants to know the great wines that are there and, for the TOP 10, they provide free videos with the critics tasting and telling more about the wine in question and a summary of the product and producer (there is also the detailed tasting form that is available only to subscribers), all content in English.
With regard to critics and top list anything, I always prefer to see everything with some care. I have seen many consumers blindly follow these lists, not allowing themselves to taste other vintages and other wines from the same producer. And yet, I really believe that certain critics cannot be 100% exempt from their personal taste, however professional they may be. A great critic, Robert Parker, for example, who notes the wines he tastes (usually from 80 to 100, like the Wine Spectator), has a preference for mega-bodied wines and good, not everyone likes this type of wine. Therefore, some people do not understand that the best option for you is not always that super prize bottle, instead of one that did not attract the attention of a certain critic. I always advise you to check this list to not only get to know the winning wines, but mainly the winning producers. If you made a wine that caught the attention of experts so much, the other wines in the production must have a very similar quality, don’t you think?
Anyway, I always find it interesting to take a look at the list, see which wines I know are there and which ones I don’t know yet. Another very curious fact is that with each passing year they have given preference to wines that are not so expensive. The great chateaux of Bordeaux (Lafite, Mouton, Margaux, Haut Brion, among others) for example, almost always remain off the list, and this year the wine that came in first place costs… US $ 60.00! In fact, the most expensive wine on the list costs US $ 128.00, a Chateauneuf du Pape (from the Rhône region in France). That is, critics agree that for wine to be good, it doesn’t have to be absurdly expensive.
For those who want to know the TOP 100 list, here’s the link to the Wine Spectator!

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