Wines and Technology

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Indecision is a problem, especially when it comes to choosing a good wine bottle. The novelty is that now the technology will work in favor of oenophiles: two companies have just created a solution for this.

THE Verve Wine, is located in New York and was created by Dustin Wilson, Master Sommelier that was already incarnated in the cinema, in the film Somm.

Imagine going on a physical store or online, complete a questionnaire with your wine preferences with the help of algorithms? Incredible, isn’t it? The data is computed and the result provides well-defined preference characteristics, such as level of acidity, tannins and alcohol. a program provides the data and offers the labels and, for those who want to review them, the Verve Wine offers even more accurate data.

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The Vinome confirms your distillate preferences for your DNA. As its name says, a smart pun, between wine and genome. THE Silicon Valley startup, a place famous for its entrepreneurs, makes genetic testing to indicate the labels to customers.

Wine lovers who are interested receive a kit that must be returned with a saliva sample. In this way, ten variables are analyzed for the assembly of the palate map, which creates the ideal drink indications for each person. The cost to participate is $ 199.

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