Wines for Easter

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Easter coming, lots of people asking me what better wine to serve with – of course – chocolate and cod! As I commented in this post, chocolate “home” perfectly with this fortified wonder, Port wine… especially the Tawnys and Rubys… But, currently, I’m in the sparkling wine phase, so I think maybe I would take a chance on a national sparkling wine demi-sec. Well my face started talking about dessert before the main course, right? lol
So let’s go to the main course: the cod! In one of my initial posts, I commented that cod is one of the very few (if not the only) fish that harmonize with red wine. However, it is such a fantastic dish that it also harmonizes perfectly with white! Everything will depend on how it was prepared. But before I start to suggest anything here, let’s remember the first “cat jump” of harmonization? When we talk about bacalhau, which country soon comes to mind? Portugal, right? So without a doubt, Portuguese wines will be a great hit here! Not the only ones to harmonize, but I believe that one of the best ?
If your starter is a codfish cake… hmmm… throw yourself in a sparkling wine brut or brut rosé! Sure you won’t regret it! The sparkling wines “break” the fat of the frying, and make the cookies much more tasty! If your option is to serve a cod salad, opt for young and aromatic wines, without the presence of wood. Some good options for white grapes are: Alvarinho, Rabigato, Bical, Encruzado, Antão Vaz. As for reds, I suggest some Alentejo wine … They are super fruity and in general have a very balanced acidity!
cod-a-bras-jamie-oliver-ickfdJamie Oliver’s Brás Cod
If you are going to choose dishes with stronger flavors, such as those with garlic, olives and potatoes, dipped in olive oil, prefer more full-bodied reds, but with light tannins and good acidity. Now, if you prefer white, bet on the most unctuous ones, which have gone through oak – avoid very light and fresh wines. I love to accompany this dish with wine Esporão Reserva Branco, it is simply divine!
For cooked codfish (some even take coconut milk), then I would run away from the Portuguese a little and try a Chilean chardonnay, for example, a Saw Manent Gran Reserva is a good choice.
And after the starter and main course, let’s run open the eggs, chocolates, pies, cakes, or whatever your chocolate dessert is, accompanied with that delicious bowl of a good port wine or sparkling wine to close Sunday lunch!
ickfd brigadier spoon egg 3
Excellent Easter to all!

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