Winter Essentials: Body Butter!

Winter Essentials: Body Butter!

Winter is not just synonymous with lower temperatures – especially here in Brazil, right? At this time of year, low humidity is one of the biggest problems in several aspects, including being very harmful to the skin. It is not by chance that we feel the skin more dry in this period, mainly that of the body and of the drier regions such as knees, elbows and feet.
The most full-bodied and thick moisturizers are excellent allies at that time! I already trade those more fluid products that I usually spend in the warmer months for jars of body butter ?

Winter Essentials: Body Butter!

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This type of product forms a thicker protective barrier on the skin and prevents water loss during the day. This not only helps to protect the skin against dryness, it also returns luminosity and softness.
Some more technological products also include components that help even in cell regeneration and collagen production. Nothing better than joining the useful with the pleasant, right?

Winter Essentials: Body Butter!

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Of course, each one has a skin type, but I still decided to make a selection with some good options for those who are suffering from dryness! They have options of the most varied textures and prices ?
Winter Essentials: Body Butter!
1- Duo Lotion and Butter Double Joy Vanilla Candy from The Beauty Box – R $ 54.00
2- Cabo Bacuri Butter from L’Occitane in Brazil – R $ 99.00

7- L’Occitane Karité Ultra Hydrating Body Cream – R $ 209.00
8- Natura Tododia Ultra-hydrating Deodorant – R $ 24.60
9- Granado Brazil Body Butter from Granado – R $ 42.90
10- Jo Malone Vitamin E Body Balm – R $ 375.00

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