Winter Nothing Obvious: Light looks for the season!

Winter Nothing Obvious: Light looks for the season!

Cold is almost always synonymous with sober looks, right? Not really! It is really impossible to deny that black, brown, navy blue and burgundy predominate in winter productions, but that is not why we need to restrict ourselves to these tones during an entire season.
I decided to make this post with ideals of colorful and light looks that totally escape the obvious for this time of year.

Winter Nothing Obvious: Light looks for the season!

Photo: Daum

I’m not talking about Blocking colors or unusable trends in everyday life – in fact, my intention is precisely to bring tips on how to incorporate lighter tones in cold looks. Mint green, lavender, serenity blue, salmon, rose, washed yellow, off-white and, of course, white are great alternatives to get out of the traditional ?


I could definitely be considered the knitting freak. I love comfortable models, loose and with that face welcoming so characteristic of this type of piece! If you are more basic and do not know how to start inserting more vibrant and different colors, investing in knitting and cashmeres in pastel colors is an excellent tip!
That’s because you can combine it with more classic bottoms like good jeans, black skinny and even white! The composition with a third piece more sober or neutral also helps to give that “softened” in the most striking tone.


This is my favorite way to add color to winter looks. Why not invest in a quality coat that escapes the little black dress? Although the neutral tones are, yes, very versatile, pay attention to the colors you use most in your day to day.
If you are more of the neutral looks, like me, it is very easy to combine the sober low pieces with a colorful coat! It sounds crazy, but I swear that some shades, like light blue, are even easier to use than classic black.


For those who are more daring and love a good mix of colors, why not invest in a palette candy color in the cold? Only the mix of pastel shades makes the look more cool! Tailor pieces, midi skirts, knits and plain t-shirts in these shades are excellent investments, after all, you will be able to use it practically all year round.


Winter Nothing Obvious: Light looks for the season!

Photos: Steal the look and The Fashion Medley

Regardless of the color chosen, monochromatic or ton sur ton looks bring instant elegance to the look. Incredibly, they are super easy to use, especially if you bet on sets – unique pieces are more impactful and less versatile.
Instead of using black or earthy tones from head to toe, think of different colors like lavender, rose or mint.


Despite having already mentioned the monochrome, I thought that the looks totally white or with only a subtle touch of color deserved an honorable mention. This basic color is often overlooked in the coldest seasons of the year and, for that reason, wearing an all-clear look at that time is so surprising!
Forget that idea that resembles a doctor’s uniform or anything like that: productions all white they are very sophisticated and work on the most varied occasions!


Let’s agree that it is not so difficult to find clear and colorful pieces for the winter, right? It was really difficult to choose only 10 pieces to indicate here in the post, but I tried my best to bring options for the most diverse styles ?
Winter Nothing Obvious: Light looks for the season!
1- Pink Jacket by Basiq at OQVestir – R $ 198.90
2- Renner’s Chenille Jacket – R $ 99.90
3- Long Fur Coat at AMARO – R $ 429.90
4- Renner Sweatshirt with Wide Sleeve – R $ 99.90
5- High Collar Loose Sweater at AMARO – R $ 189.90
6- The Shoppeuse Beanie by Roxy at Dafiti – 119.90
7- Puma Fenty Flannel Closed Sweatshirt at Dafiti – R $ 549.99
8- AMARO Plain Pleated Scarf – R $ 69.90
9- Shoulder Oversized Wool Coat – R $ 199.99
10- Pink Twill Jacket Colcci Zipper – R $ 469.99

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