Wood on the Ceiling: Cozy in the Décor

Wood on the Ceiling: Cozy in the Décor

That wood is a classic in the decor that no one can deny, but how about using it in a more unusual way? Most of the time the material’s coatings appear on the floors and using the ceiling the effect is completely different!
This is that typical simple idea that makes any environment more cozy and, of course, with a touch of personality ?

Wood on the Ceiling: Cozy in the Décor

Photo: Contemporary

As you may imagine, there are many ways to bet on this idea. I selected my favorites to speak here, but it is worth using creativity in these cases, right?


If you live, have lived or love older houses, you probably remember the wooden ceilings with apparent structures. Yes, these beams can give all the charm to the space as in the first photo!
More rustic environments with brick walls, for example, also look great with the wooden ceiling – even demolition. Different shades and a more natural finish bring more texture and personality!
Now, if the idea is a space with a cleaner design, the easiest way to integrate wood into the environment is to invest in clubs of similar shades and satin finish. Lighting with LEDs and spots also brings an air of modernity ?


For those who enjoy graphic elements, wooden slats are great options. The more widely spaced versions look like a more unfinished face – which, by the way, I love!
The thinner slats and joints give a cleaner effect and so you can even use the same coating on the floor and even on panels on the walls.


Wood on the Ceiling: Cozy in the Décor

Photos: Reside via Twitter and Zinc Blog

Overlapping layers give a more impactful effect and are great to use in smaller spaces or even to hide unevenness ?


Shutters, doors and even slats fixed in a more modern way can give a super effect cool and modern in the environment.
Using creativity and even reusing old pieces, I’m sure your ceiling won’t go unnoticed!

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