wooden crates to decorate and organize
Wooden crates to decorate and organize

wooden crates to decorate and organize

Niches and drawers are never enough – at least for me, I’m a classic Virgo. I love all the pieces that help me organize the environment, especially when it comes to the kitchen.
In addition to keeping everything in place, there is no way to leave aesthetics aside, right? In recent times, I have been falling in love more and more with environments with a “country house” face and wood is an element that does not go unnoticed in this style of decor.

Photo – Making Home Base

Combining my passion for organization and decoration, wooden crates appear with excellent options in the most varied rooms in the house and the kitchen is no different. For those who follow the channel, it is not new that I love the classic “fair boxes” used as niches, after all, I have an entire wall with them – and they are all full of crockery, pots and other utensils ?


More than fitting crates into a kind of bookcase, there are other incredible ways to place the pieces in the kitchen. I selected three ways to use it to show how versatile a simple wooden box can be.



Photos – Industry Standard Design and Portal Casa

I liked this idea so much that I even mentioned it in the video about references for the producer, remember? Of course, I also couldn’t stop talking about this post! These drawers are perfect for storing fruit, as well as being beautiful ?



Photos – Décor Fácil

How about putting some boxes on the wall? Shelves and niches are essential in a functional kitchen. The wooden boxes work as more rustic and super-charming alternatives, in addition to protecting crockery and utensils well.

vegetable garden


Foto – Zap em Casa

If you have a larger counter, why not bet on the fair boxes as a support for your mini garden? This is an even more practical option than the classic living walls and leaves the mega cozy environment <3


You can’t help but fall in love with these pieces, right? On my Pinterest I always put more references of décor and inspirations with crates abound ?

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