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Today I’m bringing a suggestion for you with a childhood taste! This is how people who have the opportunity to go to the Colher de Pau store describe their experience while experiencing the delights of this place. The store looks like a doll’s house, tiny, cozy and full of goodies lol. The way I found out about her was very funny, as I was providing dessert consultancy to a client for her menu and cakes to be offered for clients to celebrate in her event space. He said he wanted a flavor like Colher de Pau, so I had to know it and there I went to see what this flavor was so remarkable in my client’s life lol.

Guys… it really tastes like childhood! Without refinement or freshness to serve your products, the only concern is with the quality and tradition of your recipes, the person responsible for the store, who has been in the same place for over 40 years, told me. His most famous cake is the Negro cake! And it’s really close, floating in a hot chocolate sauce! 5000 thousand calories well used and without regret lol.

In fact, it reminds us of our childhood in some way, I can’t explain exactly why, but I remember having eaten that cake at some point as a child. Its striking chocolate flavor that melts in your mouth with that creamy and velvety hot syrup just brought me great memories… That is, people! I loved.
The store has on its wall all the awards it has received for its delicacies, and of course I didn’t stop at the black cake. I tried the chocolate roulade with drool girl and also the strudel apfel because I love this sweet. All the best… and for the end not least that the black cake I tried the brigadeiro cake with crunchy topping. My God… how I never thought of that before! The combination is divine and well served!

The good thing is that I have to take it home and eat at the end of the day, because of course I can’t handle it all at the same time, right. So … did you go to Leblon or did you come to Rio? Go over there and check it out. And come tell me. A thousand Kisses!

Rua Rita Ludolf, 90 – Leblon
Rio de Janeiro – RJ
(21) 2274-8295

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