Workout of the Bride-to-Be stars Meghan Markle: THAT she gets fit for the wedding!

Workout of the Bride-to-Be stars Meghan Markle: THAT she gets fit for the wedding!

While the preparations for the royal wedding are in full swing, Meghan Markle relies on mental strengthening through yoga and on cardio instead of diet. This is how she gets her body tight and beautiful until the wedding in two weeks.

The countdown is running! On May 19, actress Meghan Markle (36) and Prince Harry will say yes. Anyone who is in the focus of the global public can of course be exposed to enormous figure pressure. Not with this bride in Spe. Because the superstar doesn’t believe in a pre-wedding diet. How Meghan Markle gets in top shape for the wedding despite cravings – including burgers, pasta and wine? The key is a mix of serenity, a healthy lifestyle and a tight workout from the stars.

1. Meghan Markle’s Diet: Clean Eating With Exceptions

Don’t worry, of course, a Meghan Markle’s perfectly shaped body doesn’t come overnight. Sometimes we forget that the future princess was in front of the camera for years and kept her body fit accordingly. But long before her time alongside Prince Harry, Meghan Markle consciously defended herself against Hollywood’s maddening mind. Crash diets are an absolute no-go for them!

Meghan Markle has been eating mostly clean and healthy for years. In order to keep her body in balance, she relies on a predominantly alkaline diet. Base-forming products such as fruit, vegetables, salads as well as soy and whole grain products are high on their list. Meghan Markle also mixes green smoothies to provide her body with a power boost between meals. But while she mostly adheres to a clean diet for her fitness, she relies on burgers on Cheat Day to stay sane. The cheat day philosophy has become an integral part of their workouts for many stars. You don’t have to do without anything. Makes sense right?

How do you get a dream body like Meghan Markle? You can find more tips here!


Dream figure
With this workout Meghan Markle got her dream body

Meghan Markle is without question a real dream woman. The fiancee of British Prince Harry shines with a perfect figure and has now even revealed how she gets and receives it.

2. Yoga and cardio are good for Meghan Markle’s soul

Yoga has been a star workout for many years. With yoga you connect mind and body, because as they say: A beautiful body exudes calm and serenity – and that is also Meghan Markle’s goal for the wedding.

She has been practicing yoga since she was seven, and it is now one of her absolute passions. Because it offers her mental as well as physical strength. To this day she is an avowed advocate of hot yoga and the classic vinyasa flow in order to keep both mind and body fit. The vinyasa flow is a flowing sequence of movements in which you go through different poses in a seamless sequence. The advantage: You strengthen your muscles and your mind at the same time.

In addition to yoga fitness, cardio is an equally important component in the workout of the stars. Not only Meghan Markle keeps her pounds in check with running in the park. Often times she even starts her day with an hour of running and ends it with the same routine. Not absolutely necessary for us normal people, but try to introduce a certain regularity and your body will thank you with dream dimensions.

3. Meghan Markle’s personal training

Of course, personal training before Meghan Markle’s wedding should not be missing. Even before her royal time, the beauty is said to have placed a special focus on the stomach, upper arms and her posture. In an interview with “” her former personal trainer Craig McNamee revealed, that he trained with Meghan four times a week for 45 minutes each – typical for a workout by the stars.

Even before the wedding, Meghan Markle continues to train on her posture. With less weight but more repetitions, she gives her body the firm shape it needs now.

In addition to Meghan’s sports program, do you also love her style? Then you can now even wear her engagement ring on your own finger!

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