Worth investing: grid of utensils in the kitchen

They are practical, inexpensive and add charm to any kitchen. In addition to organizing the countless utensils that every person in love with cooking / confectionery has, the grills work as part of the decoration of the environment. In some cases, you can even make a perforated eucatex panel (very easy to find in construction stores), as in the Julia Child’s dream kitchen! If you haven’t had a chance to see it yet, watch the video below where Dani and Paulo visited La Pitchoune, the house where the iconic American cook lived with her husband Paul in France <3
Video La Pitchoune
Today, I separated some beautiful photos for you to be inspired and give a renewed in the kitchen. I’m sure you will love it:
Sources: A Beautiful Mess, Refinery 29, Guiato, Inspired by Charm, Architects, Alexandra Angle Interior Design.
Tell me which one you liked the most? Enjoy and take a look at these other posts full of news:
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