Xocolatti – NY

Xocolatti - NY

When I took the Chocolate Tour here in Manhattan (there is a post talking only about it), the store that most impressed me was Xocolatti. A small shop, in a street in Soho, a little away from the hectic buzz of Main Avenue, but that literally caught me by the eyes, the mouth and also the heart.
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The cute store, very characteristic of the neighborhood, which is full of products and designers that you only find there, has its walls lined with piles of boxes used to present the brand’s truffles. In brown and almost pistachio green colors, it is extremely tasteful and leaves you free to choose from the almost 20 truffle flavors available. Since I met this paradise on the day of the Tour, I have returned here 3 more times … Rs. It is impossible not to be enchanted and not feel the urge to try everything! From more traditional flavors like milk chocolate with hazelnuts to exotic flavors like dark chocolate with olive oil and basil, ALL truffles fulfill the promise of the advertised flavor.
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Shaineal Shal, the founder of the brand, can be found there every Tuesday and says to make a re-imagined chocolate, where each truffle has the function of awakening the five senses, since he plays with the texture, charms with the colors and finishes of each one, making magic with the flavor, instigating your palate with the purest of ingredients (imported from its origins) and with the use of Valrhona chocolates as a base for your creations. Pistachios are Iranian, cadamom comes straight from India, Sicily olive oil, Saffron from Spain and so on.
Your product is the translation of your story. With roots in India, his family has a jewelery business and he, before convincing them that chocolate is also a jewel, studied administration first and then confectionery (to calm his parents’ hearts). With the brand on the market since 2010, Shaineal Shal was considered one of the 10 best Chocolatiers in the USA in 2012 and this year its milk chocolate truffle with passion fruit was among the finalists (silver) for the best chocolate in the world according to International Chocolate Awards. Titles like this are essential for the survival of a brand in the competitive and fierce Big Apple market, in addition to, of course, attesting to what anyone can conclude when tasting their truffles – that if they are not, they are among the best on the market .
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Apart from truffles, he makes clusters (a combination of mixed ingredients and bathed in chocolate), slates, which is nothing more than a thinner chocolate bar, designed with the intention of being broken into pieces and savored in full without leaving any traces. , crumbles that (I heard) are delicious as ice cream topping in the hot seasons and, in the most propitious months of the year, exclusive batches of milk-based and also water-based ice cream can be found on the spot.
The last time I visited the store, I came home with a box of 09 truffles and slates of different flavors. Without a doubt, my favorite slate is white chocolate with candied mango and spicy paprika. DIVINE!!!! The Hosehips with pistachio left a little to be desired in the flavor, I thought there could be more rosehips. And Milk Massala was very delicate, sweet, just like the combination of milk and white chocolate can be.
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When you decide to buy the box, your choice is packed very carefully and in this beautiful box, the best surprise is that when you open it, you will find an envelope with cards gathering all the truffles of the current collection, so you will know from the photo and description of the card, exactly the truffles you chose. One by one.
As the New York Times once said, “every Xocolatti brand truffle is a little treasure.” The truth is that he did not stop working making jewelry like the rest of the family. He also makes jewelry. The difference is that his enchants the five senses. They are ephemeral but unforgettable.
If you want to know more about Xocolatti, here’s the website: www.xocolatti.com
Beijokas !!!!!!

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