Yes, we have bananas! – Sao Paulo

Yes, we have bananas!  - Sao Paulo

As you may have noticed, I live right in the center of São Paulo, and every time I go walking here, I find these countless snack bars with many, many fruits hanging from the top of each counter! And I think this fresh fruit aesthetic is something so Brazilian that you can’t see it anywhere else on the globe, it really delights me! Every time I go for a walk around here, I never stop by one of these cafeterias and order an orange juice with carrots, which I have been passionate about since I was little !!
So, #ficaadica, when you are close by, stop by one of these snack bars and order your favorite juice !!
Where is? In the juice shops and cafeterias closest to you ?
PHOTO: Danielle Noce – IG: nocedanielle

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