Yogurt Culture Co. – NY

Yogurt Culture Co. - NY

Here in NY it seems that yogurt has been the darling of all time. Especially the so-called “greek”, since the amount of protein is practically double that found in ordinary yogurt. In any supermarket around here you will find a gigantic selection, with different brands, flavors, toppings, lights or not, Greek or not, sweet, sour, tasteless, crunchy, colorful, for adults, children, with probiotics, with fiber…. phew… lol… anyway, for lovers of this dairy (ah! Here are also those made with soy milk, coconut and almonds for all lactose intolerant worldwide) here is the mecca. For this reason, major brands that have yogurt on supermarket shelves are opening stores specializing in customizing and offering a different and interactive experience with this nutritious ingredient full of possibilities and, of course, more importantly, expanding the brand and becoming a reference in the market. subject matter.
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We, the consumers, can only be grateful! We agree that it can be a delicious dessert option, morning snack, afternoon snack and if the toppings are well chosen, your yogurt becomes much healthier and more nutritious than any ice cream or cupcake =].
The first of these stores that I saw opening here was the Chobani brand. They only produce Greek yogurt and the store located in Soho is worth your visit, especially if you want to taste the store’s exclusive flavors such as fig with nuts and honey or the savory versions – smoked salmon, olive oil, dill, sea salt and pepper from the kingdom accompanied by mini bagel toasts or, if you prefer (my favorite by the way) with cucumber, mint, olive oil, sea salt and black pepper served with pita bread chips. Love!!!
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If you want to know more about the Chobani store, visit www.chobanisoho.com. Maybe later I will post about her. But the ball is this store called Yugurt Culture Co. The brand behind is Dannon, who in Brazil we know as Danone. The Dannon store offers a multitude of preparations made with a multitude of yogurts. It has original, Greek, low fat content for the original and for Greek, it has frozen yogurt and you can still invent whatever you want with all the options. The cute and illustrated menu is divided into parfait, smoothie, and cup with yogurt. You can still find “to go” yogurts, drinks, coffees and pastries that bring yogurt in the dough.
The decoration of the brand conveys the idea of ​​a sustainable attitude towards the environment, visually it looks like you are inside, on a farm and I really enjoyed the experience I had, even though it was a very cold winter afternoon here.
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The yogurt served at the store, unlike the one bought at the supermarket, does not carry preservatives, it is fresh and full of flavor. My choice was a glass of low fat Greek yogurt, topped with sweet passion fruit puree, pieces of strawberry and chocolate wafer crumbles. A word to express my satisfaction? SENSATIONAL!!!
I was in love with the combination I made and can’t wait to go back to this store to try other combinations. And if you love granola, here is a variation bar! Amazing.
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I really hope that more and more stores like this will spread around the world and spread even more the almost always healthy habit of consuming yogurt.
I am an unconditional fan of this preparation.
If you want to know more about it, search and turn the store’s website inside out: www.yogurtculturecompany.com
Awesomeness in a little cup !!!!!!

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