Your tea in Wonderland

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Have you ever dreamed of having tea with Alice in Wonderland from the author Lewis Caroll? If so, I have good news for you! Decorated Cookies Fernanda Ribeiro,gives patissière chef Fernanda Ribeiro, will offer tomorrow (22) and also next Saturday from 15h to 18h tea which will be based on the classic birthday of the character Alice.

Unfortunately the food will not make you grow or shrink, but it will have an incredible menu with mini sandwiches (mixed hot and ricotta paste), macaron, Red Velvet Cake, chocolate tartlet, sigh of roses, red fruit verrine, sigh mushroom, decorated cookies and fudge. the tea options are hot and iced, and will serve strained coffee.

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THE ticket costs R $ 50 and is already on sale on the website Run not to miss this opportunity unique to feel inside this incredible world! ; D

Address: Rua Heitor Peixoto, 569 – Cambuci

(11) 3815-3757 – São Paulo – SP

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