Your wildcard for all seasons

Your wildcard for all seasons

I love all types of dress: long, midi, short, a-line, tight, with volume, printed, plain or straight! But the straight dress, with that slightly retro look, became a big wildcard in my wardrobe.
That’s because there are so many variations that can help you compose a totally winter or summer look. In addition, the piece is very feminine and looks great on any body type – just finish with the right accessories!



Photo 1 – Glam Radar / Photo 2 – Happily gray / Photo 3 – Katie Kime

When the temperature increases this is the best option. We get really cool! I like the more full-bodied and structured models, because that way the fabric doesn’t stick to the body.

Short sleeve


Photo 1 – Choies / Photo 2 – Who to wear / Photo 3 – Diani Boutique

They are my favorites! You can use it in the heat or when it gets cold. I really like the more closed models at the top, but if you have more bust the piece looks great with a V-neckline.

Long sleeve


Photo 1 – Paloma 81 / Photo 2 – Six kisses / Photo 3 – Loja Esperanças

For a colder day this is the best choice! The knee models are great to work with and are very elegant (photo 1). The patterned straight model leaves the look more stripped. If you go to an event, add accessories and a nice jump.



Photo 1 – Bitter Sweet Colors / Photo 2 – Whachabuy / Photo 3 – Shouttern Curl Sand Pearls

As I chose several printed models, I had to make room for the plain ones too! The vibrant colors (photos 1 and 3) are the face of summer. The more neutral colors are also great! For me the little black dress is just the one in photo 2 – it looks great without any accessories, but if you want to put a necklace, bracelets and a metallic clutch, you’re ready for a ballad.

Experiment with sneakers


Photo 1 – Pop Sugar / Photo 2 – Sincerely Jules / Photo 3 – Pop Sugar

Want a more comfortable accessory than that? As I already told here, I consider this one of the best possible combinations! It is great for a more casual stroll and for traveling in the heat! Opt for lighter shoes or dress tone.

Fine-tuning the silhouette


Photo 1 – Dressed Natalie / Photo 2 – My Heart Kate / Photo 3 – The Courtney Kerr

This model is very democratic, but if you want to get even thinner, just finish with the right accessories. Nude heels are unanimous – it helps to lengthen the feathers! If it is cold, opt for pantyhose and boots of the same shade. The long blazer and loose scarf also help a lot to disguise the hips.

Where to find


Photo 1 – Cantão na Dafiti / Photo 2 – Anthropologie / Photo 3 – Farm na Dafiti

Because it is a classic, almost all collections have at least one straight model. Brands like Farm, Cantão, Maria Filó and Anthropologie are great options to find these more printed models. In large e-commerces, such as Shop2gether, Dafiti and OQVestir, you will also find several options.
Ready to find your wildcard dress?

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