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You who are our card fan and already subscribe to our youtube channel:
Did you know that we have several partners? Yeah! They are our partners on YouTube! There are channels not only about gastronomy, but about different subjects! I would really like you to take a look at them:
– Rolê Gourmet
The Rolê Gourmet channel belongs to PC Siqueira, from the already known to the public Mas Poxa Vida, and from his enthusiastic friend and cook Otávio Albuquerque! Both present great recipes always with a lot of irreverence and with super funny comments!
[youtube]EC4aGqvW1w[/youtube]– Nil Moretto
Nil Moretto is a journalist who makes videos on various subjects on the internet. She always starts her videos with a very serious TV news anchor tone and when you least expect it … pimba! She makes a joke and we burst out laughing! She uses very accessible language and her videos are a delight to watch to stay informed about what’s going on in the world!
[youtube]watch? v = OBg28rstDbQ & feature = share & list = UUDKGS7OGaO35HVn9vp6VulA[/youtube]– Web Milanesa
This channel is presented by chef Pedro Naxara in his kitchen and his motto is: easy and delicious recipes! He makes all kinds of recipes, from the simplest to the most exquisite! He even has a board in which his subscribers can send questions that he answers, always with a lot of personality!
[youtube]6RNaVE2iouc[/youtube]– Minute Recipes
The One Minute Recipes is from São Paulo Gisele Souza and is that channel for those who love those super practical recipes for everyday life or to receive friends at home! I found it ideal for those who have no patience for long recipes and have difficulty following recipes that are only written because the videos are filmed in the form of tutorials and, I swear, there is no way to be in doubt!
[youtube]Wjnx4DkXXdQ[/youtube]– Fried Brains
The great Miolos Fritos do Teco and Beto mix famous films, current affairs and… fun recipes! In fact, they make some montages with very funny films! As they say, if you like to see recipes like “Ana Maria Braga”, you are on the wrong channel!
[youtube]vDu-m0HJj-U[/youtube]– Kitchen for 1
This is the channel for dear Gabriela Fonte, an advertising executive, and Fani Moraes, a journalist. Thinking about the reality of many Brazilians who live alone, work all day, feel hungry and insist on eating good homemade food, they made this excellent channel with many easy to reproduce recipes!
[youtube]watch? v = sDpUibpqwHk & feature = share & list = UU-rWFlk31yQKRFeMggNlpsA[/youtube]– Just for fun
This is a channel to “unwind”, as they say. It gathers short and beautiful videos on themes of everyday life, that make you travel… They are very creative with an enormous sensitivity! And most impressive: made with an iphone or ipad! Very recommended!
[youtube]8huK -__ 5LbM[/youtube]– Tadashi Mori
Tadashi makes videos of beautiful origami and is an unusual skill! They are videos for lovers of this ancient art of the Orient!
[youtube]E5pAdiKKsRQ[/youtube]– Jack’s Wonderful Kitchen
Good cuisine, beer and Rock n ‘Roll! That’s the motto of Jack’s Wonderful Kitchen! In his kitchen, Fernando Russel, university professor, journalist, publicist, writer and cook in his spare time, prepares varied and tasty recipes, from the most classic dishes like a Canard a l’Orange to fusion cuisine like a juicy Burger with Shimeji! It’s haute cuisine without frills!
[youtube]JH1f8sVMfBE[/youtube]– BBQ at Home
BBQ em Casa is the newest portal for lovers of a good barbecue, with great recipes and tips! In addition to the YouTube channel, they have a website that gathers recipes with photos! It is mouthwatering.
[youtube]8JoxJ1lCk0k[/youtube]-Kitchen for 2
Cozinha para 2 is the Carol Thomé and Duca Mendes channel, where they make dishes for those who live together. The coolest thing about this channel is that they teach only recipes to be made in the microwave or in the oven! They are super practical recipes, with delicious faces and as they say, “No stove, no complication!”. Very creative! Check it out!
[youtube]vsU9gPbcf2U[/youtube]You who are our fan, but still don’t subscribe to our channel:
Did you know that it is super important for us to have you as our subscribers? It costs nothing and you will have quick and direct access to our videos! Shall we subscribe? Click here then:

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